Starting and running a radio station takes money. As well as all the kit, we have on-going costs – the biggest of which are music royalty payments. Of course there are all the usual costs like broadband, phone and electricity (The server alone uses £200 electricity per year!)

    Enroll as a “Friend of Gloss FM”

    We’ve set the membership fee at a very accessible £10 per year for individuals, £100 for small businesses (less than 100 employees) and £1000 for large businesses (100 employees or more). You’ll be taken through a simple payment procedure, and have the option to pre-authorise payments in the future. At all times you retain control and you can cancel automatic payments at any time, or revert to manual payments. Once paid you will be emailed a receipt.

    As a “Friend of Gloss FM” you will receive regular updates on the project by email. We will also invite you to give us your opinions from time to time (maybe the odd opinion poll).

    Businesses will also have the opportunity to send us their Logo and have it and a link to their website featured in a special area of the station’s website.

    Enroll as a “Friend of Gloss FM” in the form below, or click on this link

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