Here at Thornbury Radio we like to support local acts by playing their music on the station.  We aim to be a mainstream radio station, so we can only consider mainstream-style music.  So that means if you are a thrash metal act for example, you will be wasting your time submitting your music!  However if your music would be suitable for BBC Radio 2 or Heart say, then that is a hopeful sign that we could play it.

    It helps us to help you if you also record a short spoken intro that we can layer over the start of the song.  It can say anything you like within reason, but it could be something like

    "Hi I'm Fred Bloggs from Rudgeway, and this is my new single called Thornbury Blues.  You can download it from Amazon and Apple music stores" 

    Or something like that!

    Please send the music as an mp3 file.  It needs to be 192kbps quality at the very least, ideally 320kbps.  We will not playlist it if it is lower quality.  Oh and the file needs to be smaller than 10MBytes, which should not be a problem unless the song is REALLY long!

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