Thornbury Radio Advertising stats and charts

    Why Advertise on Thornbury Radio?

    • We are local – Uniquely, everything we do and say is about Thornbury and the surrounding areas. That means every £ you spend is targeted on those people most likely to use your product or service

    • We are pervasive – Unlike other media, radio is just "there" while people go about their lives travelling, cooking, eating, shopping etc. 

    • We are your voice – Our whole raison d'etre is to give Thornbury and the surrounding areas back their voice - be that individuals, community organisations or businesses

    Facts and Figures

    • 89% of adults listen to radio every week
    • Our FM coverage area is approximately 1000 sqkm, focussed on South Gloucestershire. See a coverage map here.
    • In addition our online stream is available on Android and Apple smartphones worldwide, as well as smart speakers, tabets and PC's.
    • Our estimated listening hours are around 70,000 hours per month
    • Our FM signal covers over 100km of the motorway network

    Standard Advertising

    • A 30 second commercial telling people about your business. Works best if repeated often.  

    Premium Sponsorship

    A range of premium options that really make your business stand-out:-

    • Sung Jingles - really fun and they are ear worms for our listeners!
    • Programme Sponsorship – your business can be an exclusive sponsor of one of our shows, with several mentions per hour and promos on throughout the week
    • Weather – your business gets a mention with every weather check!
    • One to Watch – every daytime hour we play our “One to Watch” songs – you could sponsor this and get two mentions per hour!
    • Community spotlight - your business name sponsors our community news feature
    • Radio Player - Our prime real-estate for advertising - your advert embedded in our online radio player!
    • Competitions – ideal for a specific promotion.  You supply a suitable prize and we ramp-up the on-air excitement!


    How do I find out more?

    • Simple!– Please complete our advertising enquiry form here.

    Above charts and statistics calculated as of April 2023. Details available on request



    Our Discerning Clients

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