Glyn Michael

    Hi my name's Glyn Michael - some people might know me by a different name - but this has been my "on-air" name since the 1980's - for some reason it was wise not to use your actual name on-air back then ;-)

    I've lived in Olveston now for over 20 years - I'm told that means I'm about two-thirds of the way to being regarded as a "local"!

    I love all sorts of music, but in the main on my show I try to keep things mainstream and familiar, with the odd golden gem thrown in from time to time.  I strive to "keep it local" - so I'll give lots of mentions to events in the area, and feel free to contact me with events you want to publicise.  I'm also a strong believer and supporter of local community initiatives, so get in touch if you'd like your local good-cause promoted!  Easiest way to do that is using the "Contact" button on our website.

    My main role at Thornbury Radio is on the technical side keeping things running.  It's a constant challenge and I'm always learning new things.  If that sounds interesting and you'd like to get involved, then please get in touch!

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