GLOSS FM Thornbury - Your Station Needs You!


    We're Nearly There!

    After a long battle with the broadcast regulator Ofcom, we have recently been requested to submit an "Expression of Interest" for an FM licence for Thornbury. This is only the first step, but if successful it will make it much easier to listen to Your Local Station when we are on FM.

    What next?

    Ofcom will review all expressions of interest and invite selected areas within the UK for applications for a community radio station. Naturally, we will submit an application for Thornbury if the regulator advertises our area.

    How can I Help?

    Easy - By showing your support in the form below.  This evidence will be crucial for the licence application stage.   Please regularly share this page as widely as possible on social media. The more local support we get, the better our chances are at winning the license. 

    If you would like to volunteer then please complete the volunteer form instead.


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